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Pteroglyph announce new Album “Death Of A Prince’”

Filipe Gomes 30/03/2017 News Comments Off on Pteroglyph announce new Album “Death Of A Prince’”
Pteroglyph announce new Album “Death Of A Prince’”

Pteroglyph new album “Death Of A Prince” is set for release on June 23rd.

Jimmy MacGregor, the one man behind this UK based project, says about the recently completed work “Death Of A Prince”:

“This album is a culmination of everything I have been working on with Pteroglyph over the last few years”

In the northern English county of Yorkshire, Jimmy craved for something where to channel his musical and artistic work. Pteroglyph (pronounced “terroh gliff”) was born back in 2012 in Leeds. Inspired by his own life journey and musical greats (like Devin Townsend, Sylosis and Gojira), one should expect nothing less than grand, epic, progressive, technical, metal and heavy adjectives to be used when describing this upcoming record.

Jimmy Macgregor still adds:

“The themes and ideas behind the songs are drawn from personal life experiences that we all deal with on a regular basis such as love, death, anger and misery. It is an honest statement of my personality and views on the world brought to life through obnoxious screaming and dramatic aural landscapes! This album and Pteroglyph is most certainly a labour of love. Whether it’s the furious rage of one song to some of the more melancholy aspects of the album, it’s an expression of who I am and reflects everything I love about heavy music. Bringing this live to the stage is going to create something very special and extremely punishing that you will not want to miss! I hope everyone can dig all the music as much as I’ve enjoyed it creating it!”


“Death Of A prince”

1. Left Blind
2. Unaccountable
3. Deceit Of Choice
4. Red On You
5. The Wanderer
6. Death Of A Prince
7. Komplex
8. D.O.D
9. Heavy Casualties

You can pre order “Death Of A prince” here.





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