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Report: ROSA CRUX @ Caixa Económica Operária

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Report: ROSA CRUX @ Caixa Económica Operária

Saturday night in central Lisbon. Rain falls over the Lusitanian capital, blackening the skies for Rosa Crux’s second year appearance in Portugal. The dark medieval group came from old Rouen (Normandie, France), to cover our souls with their dark and frightening anthems, putting on stage much more than a simple concert. It was a state of mind; a journey through the world of the dead, revolving graveyard stones, to put Them among us again. Or was it us that joined Them for 1:30 hour?…

First of all Caixa Económica Operária is a somber, little old theatre, located in a Lisbon’s historical quarter, that creates per se the ambience necessary for a spectacle like this. In second place, the French ensemble where capable of transporting all their dark atmosphere to the stage, delighting the audience. Who didn’t went missed a hell of a show.


Playing alongside a organ with real church bells, peculiar automatic drums, and a female chorus, frontman Olivier Tarabo singed is Latin witchcraft themes, with a sometimes real spooky voice, coming from the bowels of is soul, even if he complained about some voice problems. Songs like Ab Irato, Omnes Qui Descendunt, Eli-Elo (Danse de la Terre), and Noctes Insomnes, spread the French dark word above us, during 1:30 hour.

One of the most spectacular moments was the Danse de la Terre ritual, gathering two young females, naked, outside the stage, covered with earth dust, in a ravishing performance. This was not a metal concert, nor a gothic one. This was a play, performed by some very good artists that gathered our will to see them live again. Soon. At night…

Photos by “Editorial by heart”.



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