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Report: Watain + Rotting Christ + Profanatica @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

Kasper Pasinski 08/11/2018 Concerts Comments Off on Report: Watain + Rotting Christ + Profanatica @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Report: Watain + Rotting Christ + Profanatica @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

The first Friday of November (2.11.2018) brought the belated Halloween horror to one of Copenhagen venues, Pumpehuset. Together with Live Nation the club presented the black metal monsters, Watain, supported by two other extreme metal acts – Rotting Christ and Profanatica.

The evening started quite early for the metal fans, with Profanatica hitting the stage already at 19:20. There wasn’t too much light in order to maintain the mood, neither the club was fully filled (apparently it was too early) and a minimalistic set-up was the characteristic of the first opening act. The drum kit was set in the front of the stage, as Paul Ledney is also vocalist, with the guitar and bass on the sides made the whole scenery. The band performed for around half an hour to leave the stage for the next band.

It was time for Sakis Tolis and the rest of Rotting Christ to perform. After a quite moody and static performance from Profanatica we have received a serious injection of energy provided by the crazy Greek crew. The band played an eight song set starting slowly with ‘666’ to immediately speed up with the next track ‘Fire Death and Fear’. One of the strongest part of the show was the cover of other project involving Sakis – Thou Art Lord’s ‘Societas Satanas’. Rotting Christ closed their performance with ‘Non Serviam’ closed with a very warm applaud from the already fully packed club.

It was time for Watain, the final act-, and the stage redressing took around half an hour. This is explained by the big quantity of burning equipment and other decorations, all assembled behind closed curtains to not reveal them to the fans immediately. The show started with Erik Danielsson running into the stage with a torch in his hand, lighting all the candles, torches and tridents situated across the entire stage. This was accompanied by the heavy guitar tones in the start of the ‘Storm of the Antichrist’. Then on the already fully set scenario and with the lighting coming mostly from the fire on stage, Watain played the extremely fast ‘Nuclear Alchemy’. The band presented a mixture of old and new material including songs such as ‘On Horns Impaled’, ‘The Child Must Die’ or ‘The Golden Horns of Darash’. After a bit longer than an hour show, the band left the stage greeting the fans with ‘Hail Satan!’ – this was the end of the evening. Watain provided an old school black metal show, with a lot of fire, smoke, blood and bones. I have personally learned a lesson I have not realized in the past, about Watain ‘s shows being the ‘real black metal show’ – do not wear a white t-shirt if you plan to be in the front, otherwise you will have blood stains all over it.

The whole evening delivered over three hours of heavy experience for the extreme metal fans. All with a nice energy provided by Rotting Christ, the moody minimalistic performance from Profanatica and the extreme black mess celebrated by Watain. It was definitely worth to spend this Friday evening in Pumpehuset.

Text & Photos by Kasper Pasinski
Managing editor: Elsa Marques



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