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AU-DESSUS – End of Chapter

João Osório 03/09/2019 Comments Off on AU-DESSUS – End of Chapter

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Au-Dessus is a Lithuanian band formed in 2014. After the release of a self-titled EP that received very positive reviews, in 2017 they released the debut album “End of Chapter”.

Keeping this simple, what we have here is a great post-black metal album. But calling it post-metal doesn’t do justice to the music, since we can find elements of Scandinavian Black metal from the 90’s as well as elements of modern French scene of black metal and, ultimately, Sludge.

The opening track is called “VI”, thus making this album a logical direct continuation of the first EP. Right from the beginning it is noticeable that it features a very well designed song structure. A sonic vessel in which black metal is the engine but, as previously mentioned, it is merged with other elements. Ominous and accursed riffs create eerie atmospheres, sometimes growing to a tension so extreme that it drags the listener into violence, malice and anger. This rage takes form in the crushing guitars, possessed howling screams, stomping drums, droning choruses and backing vocals. Thanks to the fairly dynamic music structure and the brutal sludge atmospheric passages, the “End of Chapter” is well balanced, although it’s not easy to listen to those who are accustomed to sing-along songs.

A special mention to the first song, that, in a certain way, introduces the album perfectly. “X”, a cathartic piece that extends for 10 minutes, and the last one, “XII”. It is such a fantastic piece that it is difficult to imagine a better way to give “End Of Chapter” some closure.

This first full-length is for all purposes a pearl and we hope it hasn’t been the end of this project, but rather the beginning of something great.


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