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Bret "Baldman" Troie 18/11/2019 Comments Off on BLAME ZEUS – Seethe

Blame Zeus’s new record “Seethe” is a ten-track masterclass on how to write an accessible, ear-catching, progressive rock record. It’s being released on November 8th, 2019 via Rockshots Records, and it is an album that rock fans need to hear. It’s filled to the brim with tasty, decadent passages that segue into massive releases in the form of big hooks, courtesy of world-class vocals, and great musicianship. With a rare, uncanny ability to connect with her lyrics, vocalist Sandra Oliveira manipulates her voice with impressive results. Excellent examples of this can be found on “Blood Stained Hands,” “Into The Womb” and the spellbinding “White”.

The slow-burning inferno “Down To Our Bones,” is an outstanding track featuring a guest performance from Rui Duarte, the vocalist of legendary Portuguese Thrashers “Ramp.” The combination of Rui and Sandra’s voices is a treat to the ears. The talent of the rhythm section is on full display with luscious drum and bass accents that play under driving riffs. “The Obsession Lullaby” has a cocky swagger to it. It builds up to a bombastic chorus section as well as an outstanding solo. The melodies in the track are infectious. The tracklist order takes the listener on a twisting road of intense emotions, yet provides much-needed breaks with “White,” and “ No,” before pounding the final nails into the aural coffin with “The Warden” and “The Crown And The Gun”.

With Seethe, Blame Zeus crafted an exceptional record that will appeal to a broad audience. The big hooks, infectious melodies, accessible riffs, and excellent mix, will grab the casual rock fan. The level of musicianship and wealth of nuances in the playing will keep the sonically educated listener engaged. It’s a record that truly rewards both sides of the listening spectrum. You will find something to love in this record. If you have been hunting for an outstanding progressive rock record that keeps you coming back for more, let this record “Seethe” into your soul.


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Review by Bret “Baldman” Troie
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