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HEY SATAN – Orange Moon

Kasper Pasinski 11/07/2019 Comments Off on HEY SATAN – Orange Moon

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 Hey Satan is a stoner rock trio from Lausanne, Switzerland. The band released their second full length album called ‘Orange Moon’ via Cold Smoke Records on the 5th of April 2019.

The record starts with ‘Housewife Blues’, a catchy song mainly due to a repetitive and jumpy guitar riff. The drums section fills the space between the distorted guitar sounds accompanied by the harsh but clean vocals provided by the lead vocalist Francois.

‘Golgotha Beach’, used as single to promote this record, is slower than most of the other songs. Nonetheless, it included a nice catchy radio-like chorus part. The instrumental sections are well balanced, not overshadowing the vocals and still include interesting improvisations here and there. The wall of guitars plays louder only in the chorus part which perfectly completes this song.

‘Show Me Your Teeth Fucker!’ is a track which will be highly appreciated by fans of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. This two and half minutes are a rock ride and a powerful injection of energy. There is screamed out vocals along a fast pace percussion, completed with nice bass riff and a quick guitar solo by the end of the song. In a positive way, this track elements remind me of Josh Homme and his work.

The album’s title song, ‘Orange Moon’, was selected to close the record. This is another track kept in a slow pace, which is build in layers that will impact you one by one. At first there is only a slow bass riff accompanied only by a minimalistic drum. This intro is followed by an explosion of guitar sounds. Before introducing the vocals section all is slowed down, sort of giving way to them. This exercise is repeated throughout the song, making it very easy to follow and still keeping an headbanging rhythm.

‘Orange Moon’ proved that Hey Satan has much more to offer besides a catchy band name. The album includes nicely composed songs, including all the distorted sounds that stoner rock fans expect and appreciate. I can only hope Hay Satan will keep this same quality in their future releases.




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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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