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Daniel Lemminkainen 23/11/2017 Comments Off on MOONSPELL – 1755

The Portuguese iconic band Moonspell made a bold move, and wrote an album totally in their native language, about a great earthquake that destroyed the city of Lisboa in 1755, year that gives name name to the record. It was probably the right time for this band to do something like this. A bold move to do it, rather than just have some song in Portuguese, or some lyric here and there, like in previous records.

As a courageous act, that at this point of their career they don’t have nothing to prove, the band decided to write epic metal based on tragedy. Some of the best songs of this concept album are “1755”, “In Tremor Dei” (with the vocal participation of the Fado singer Paulo Bragança that duels perfectly with the growlings) or“Desastre”. Other tracks, such as “Abanão”, “Evento”, “1 de Novembro” and “Todos os Santos” are also fine examples of what Moonspell did best in this work.

Produced once again by Tue Madsen, the band didn’t went wild reagrding the changes in their sound. Nor did they changed their line of work. Moonspell in this work has developed the concept around their strengths as musicians, with Pedro Paixão and Ricardo Amorim proving once again their talent when it comes to write music, leaving the lyric and vocal work to Fernando Ribeiro.

In all, the listener can expect a good record, from a band that already has a name that means quality to the metal audience. However, it’s still a daring mystery to others who want to taste, what a metal band can do in terms of fusing extreme music with melodic lines and orchestrations.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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