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The Dark Silence of Death by The Dark Silence of Death is now available

Elsa Marques 26/06/2019 News Comments Off on The Dark Silence of Death by The Dark Silence of Death is now available
The Dark Silence of Death by The Dark Silence of Death is now available

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In September 2015, after a season of relative musical inactivity this collective found the inspiration for a new band concept and for the first riffs for a project unnamed at that time. Their influences were mainly an abundant exposure to horror films and series and a trip into the retro world of that same genre.

Making use of the available tools and musical equipments, Jesús Osuna “Viejo Macabro” and Guillermo Uribe (Hellryde Incorporated) began the homemade recording of the first demos. In August 2016, once the drafts were consolidated, they started the search for talents to join their band. Simultaneously, they followed the same DIY approach and adopted “The Dark Silence of Death” as band name. To build the envisioned solid band, José Maldonado “Pepo Wheeler”, friend and drummer of the band 3 Wheeler Band supported them with the recordings of the songs “It’s coming for you, Alive! (to kill again)”, “Strange happenings” and “Don’t open the door”.

On April 2017, Guillermo Uribe proceeded on his own with the final bass tracking sessions. And it was at the end of one of those sessions, between talks and beers, that they decided to ​​involve Javo Monzón, a friend and vocalist of the band Caelaluz.

In September 2017, the drum and bass recordings were consolidated and the rhythm guitars recording began by “Viejo Macabro”. By the end of November 2017 it started the recording of leads and additional arrangements both on guitar and bass. During 2018, with Javo on board, began the transformation of titles and ideas into lyrics. At that time they also started to search for the vocalist that would become the face of this material. In July 2018 the vocals were tracked in a single session with Monzón. During that same month the band developed a logo and artwork ideas for cover. However, it was not until March 2019 that they finalized all the details and placed it all together for release. This is now available not only in digital format, but also as CDs in digisleeve. Which can be purchased through Screaming for Vengeance Records and Dark Vision Music Shop.

About The Dark Silence of Death:

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