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Jimm – In[Can]Decence

Jimm – In[Can]Decence

jimm“Jamais de Trêve”, French for No More Bullhit one could say. Presque. In fact it means «no truce», no compromise, whatever the costs. And it is what we have in fact, pure dose of hard rock, embed w/ a good dose of trash. JIMM is old school all right.

The sound itself is not new, even the guitar’s tuning. However the classic hard rock is here revived w/ purity and fashion. And even though unknown to many, and a bit green, Jimm shows an incredible songwriting capability. Less is more they say, and indeed Jimm is capable of doing more with so few.

That starts w/ being faithful to his roots. Jimm does not “Mise en Échec” his mother tongue.  In fact the French didn’t sound as natural in rock as with Jimm. Occident Oxydant is a battle call w/ an intense guitar riff, and powerful chorus, Jimm lets the guitar breathe as the vocals serves as motto to unleash aggressiveness.

On the other hand the themes seem random in their subject. The James Dean type of rebelliousness is vivid in the opening title, whereas “Pourri Gâté” , “Miroir” or “Adrénaline” talk about daily feeling which anyone can reckon with. Or even a more lazy subject of hard hangovers comes to live in “Je Cherche à m’Endormir”.
But not only of trivial things lives the man. Jimm raises up to his philosophical self in “Jour de Gloire”, “Sur le Même Modéle” or “À La Vie à La Mort”, in which the hard rock motto is clear, extreme until death.

Even so, one won’t remember Jimm by his remarkable lyricist features. The 6 cords his one of his main attributes, and he wouldn’t survive with that. Besides vocals, this is a guitar album, whether in Rhythm, whether in Solo aspects. The already mentioned “Jamais de Trêve” and “Sur Le Même Modéle” really grasp you from second one. And the solo in “Adrénaline” is truly a rock brand.

Credits should be given to author as well in the album production, as he made everything from scratch, songwriting and recording. Counting solely on his pote Fred Quota for the drum recording, and the  unknown illustrious Jens Borgen that made the sound clear but grungy giving it a bulldozering groovy sound.

An album to listen and see to your-need-for-adrenaline times.


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