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Aeonian Sorrow share details of their debut album “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are”

Elsa Marques 04/03/2018 News Comments Off on Aeonian Sorrow share details of their debut album “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are”
Aeonian Sorrow share details of their debut album “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are”

New Finnish Melodic Doom Metal band “Aeonian Sorrow” unravels details from their upcoming debut album “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are”.

“Aeonian Sorrow” is a project of Melodic Doom Metal yet funeral and spiritual music that describes the eternal sorrow and misery above the earth, death and human nature and instinct under the ownership of grief and pain.

Aeoninan Sorrow was formed by the singer and songwriter Gogo Melone back in September 2015. She  quickly gathered some talented musicians in order to start working in their debut album. The band now counts with the drummer Saku Moilanen (Red Moon Architect), vocalist Alejandro Lotero (Exgenesis), guitarist Taneli Jämsä (Ghost Voyage, Hukutus) and bassist Pyry Hanski (Mörbid Vomit, Before the Dawn etc.).

The band started its journey into the veil of sorrow to start recording material for their first release and in October 20th, 2017 the long-awaited digital single “Forever Misery” came out. With its heavy sound, dark miserable beauty and interesting structure between growls and the unique voice of Gogo, the single captivated the metal community and prepared the audience for the upcoming release. The title and release date for their debut album was just now disclosed: “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are” album is set for release on April 11, 2018.

Listen and enjoy the Lyric video for “Forever Misery”:

The band’ s songwriter Gogo Melone shared a few lines about the album:

“ This isn’t another doom metal record and definitely we can not be categorized as female fronted band, at least me not going to accept the title. This album is about the eternal suffering of a man who lives in a world that everything and everyone he knew have gone, either by death or general parting, but somehow can not be forgotten. Some people are probably going to find themselves in and others might end up having very typical and general feelings like “this story is already known”. And it is known but enough messy and chaotic with its lyrics in order to not giving an end because that’s the way someone feels when he has buried himself into sorrow and not let it go.

I don’t remember well the days I was writing the music and the words for this album but I can definitely say that my entire mood was completely devastated and for very strong reasons. It is part of the human nature to look for hope into the sky through spiritualism and I happen to be one of them when I have bad days. But I must warn the listeners. This isn’t an album of hope but totally the opposite. Like Aeonian Sorrow music in general is going to be.”

“Into The Eternity A Moment We Are”
(April 11, 2018)

1. Forever Misery
2. Shadows Mourn
3. Under The Light
4. Memory of Love
5. Thanatos Kyrie
6. Insendia
7. The Wind of Silence
8. Ave End

“Into The Eternity A Moment We Are” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios in Finland. All vocals were recorded at Estudio Retro in Medellin, Colombia by Leo Sierra Ossa and STV Studios in Greece. Guitar arrangements on Track 1 by Taneli Jämsäand and Track 6 by Saku Moilanen. Guest guitars on Track 3 by Jarno Salomaa (Shape of Despair). Gogo Melone wrote the music and Aeonian Sorrow made the arragements. All artworks, layout, logo and lyrics made by Gogo Melone.


Alejandro Lotero – Vocals

Gogo Melone – Vocals / Keyboards / Songwriting
(Aeonian Sorrow, Luna Obscura, guest singer of Clouds)

Saku Moilanen – Drums
(Red Moon Architect)

Taneli Jämsä – Guitars
(Ghost Voyage, Hukutus, Red Moon Architect)

Pyry Hanski – Bass
(Mörbid Vomit, Before the Dawn, Red Moon Architect, session for Omnium Gatherum)




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