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Black Eternal reveal details about new album “Darkness Embrace”

Filipe Gomes 07/01/2020 News Comments Off on Black Eternal reveal details about new album “Darkness Embrace”
Black Eternal reveal details about new album “Darkness Embrace”

The enigmatic entity known as Black Eternal has revealed details about its upcoming album “Darkness Embrace”, due to be released on January 13th 2020.

You can listen to the eerie single “Tenebrous Covenant” below.

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About Black Eternal

A Cinematic Black Metal pioneer with a distinctive creative vision.

Black Eternal is a one-man band led by Nightmare (also known as Nightmare Eternal), a lead vocalist, composer and songwriter. He set out to create music that blurs the lines between various styles of metal, pushing the boundaries and redefining what black metal can be. Much like pioneers and genre icons such as Xasthur did with their music, Nightmare is not a “true black metal” purist and loves to incorporate different elements into his songs, aiming for something that’s radically different, but still somehow identifiable as black metal.
What makes BlackEternal’s music quite special is that Nightmare’s songwriting is very story-driven, even as far as connecting different songs and releases with the same thread lines. BlackEternal’s stories are inspired by Nightmare’s fondness for horror flicks, as well as supernatural, ufology, occult, and paranormal themes. These topics inspire him to come up with songs and atmospheres, as well as creating connections between the different worlds and characters that he comes up with to bring his vision to life.

Many artists in the Black Metal scene can be very coy about their inspiration, but Nightmare is always ready to acknowledge the sources that inspire his work and vision, whether it is horror movies or documentaries about paranormal mysteries and the untold truths of the modern age. The artist often creates characters, which are easy to relate to and bring a distinctive cinematic style to the listening experience. BlackEternal’s debut album, “6EQUJ5” as well as his later work, “Encounters” are actually directly correlated, like 2 parts of the same wider vision. He is also working on a third part, a follow up titled “Aftermath,” set for a late 2020 release, which will complete the trilogy, letting the story unfold like a movie.

Today, most people do not normally associate the concept of cinematic storytelling with Black Metal music, but this proves to be Black Eternal’s strong point. There is a very tight affinity between these different creative approaches, and the combination could lead to something that is truly new and different in the metal genre.

Hailing from Henderson, Nevada, Nightmare records, creates and produces his own work, exclusively working through Area 51 Studios. The studio owes its name to the artist’s life-long fascination with all things paranormal, occult, and supernatural, which also manages to be the centre point in his music and creative storytelling.

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