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Interview: ELECTRIC MOON – psychedelic explosion

Lucifer 27/09/2015 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: ELECTRIC MOON – psychedelic explosion
Interview: ELECTRIC MOON – psychedelic explosion

The German trio was one of the attractions of Reverence Festival and we took the chance for a peaceful chat with Komet Lulu, Sula Bassana and Marcus. Three musicians committed with all forces of life, combined for a mind lift.

TBP: Hi guys. “Theory of Mind” as just popped out. How’s the reactions so far?

EM: Well quite good we guess. We don’t have exactly a reaction’s table, but usually we try to see it on Youtube, because people’s reactions tend to be very authentic, with lots of comments. Also the number of views was also very impressive.

With so many records already produced, you start the album with “Hypnotika”, a song title that could probably define the effects that your music crate on people. So why know, and why this particular song baptised with that name?

Komet Lulu: I chose the name because it sounded like a good. Lots of swelling, with the guitar, likes waves with the drums and bass. I just thought it was cool.

Speaking of musical hypnosis, you don’t have many songs with vocals. Mostly n live albums. Does that absence of lyrics help you on stage? We mean, you have so many live albums and compilations that one gets the idea of a band totally committed with their live performances?

Well that’s it. The presence of vocals live it would probably ruin the atmosphere, because besides being difficult to play and sing at the same time, live we improvise a lot, so I feel that if we had to concentrate on the lyrics and the exact timming that they appear it could be a disaster.

Besides that we would need a sound engineer to regulate de micro volume, because we cannot be playing for 20 minutes of so with the mics always on. So, to sing live we would need a sound technician to turn on de mics, and we don’t have one.

Well maybe we should start doing it. But till now, onstage, everything is very handmade so, we don’t know.

Reverence Festival creates the exact ambience on stage for the type of sound that you create. Do you bring any particular attraction to this concert?

We haven’t seen any particular light on stage and we don’t have any lights effects with us neither. We brought just the instruments. And us. But maybe there is a full moon?

Well in fact tonight (29th August) is one of the biggest fullmoon of this summer.

That’s special. Our guiding star during the concert. It will be on top of the stage.

Continuing talking about live shows, your passion for the direct sounds was also seen during the recordings of “Theory of Mind”, where you’ve recorded the sound as if playing live. Is that correct? Did you felt any resistance from the producer?

No, actually it was recorded live. During a concert. No overdubs. No cuts. Just continuous instantaneous music. We had one riff that we thought about it during the tour and we did played part of it. But all the rest was complete improvisation. Just letting our music out.

All of you have or had other parallel bands. Do they relate somehow to Electric Moon in terms of identity? I mean, do they make part of the same “local scene” back in germany?

Yes we have other projects other than Electric Moon, some of them older. Zone Six or Sula Bassana for instance. But Electric Moon looks like the Mothership of all this bands, even if some other bands are older.

Besides that scene and the psych rock, what kind of other sounds do you listen to? What’s the most extreme you can get in terms of music?

What’s extreme? It could be a lot of different styles.

Marcus: I sometimes listen to traditional african music for my drumming. And it’s extreme because it’s distant. Also some sound from Mongolia, because of the atmosphere. Or some 60’s rock, or Krautrock. And then instrumental bands has Electric Eye, Pynk Floyd or Hawkwind. But it’s that extreme?…

Ok, so first appearance in Portuguese soil, any final words for your fans?

We are surprised about people’s reaction here, and we’re very pleased with the beauty of the festival. Very frankly and good people around us. The organisers. Everithing.

Special thanks to Electric Moon, Reverence Valada and Vera Marmelo (live pics).



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