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Report: BELZEBONG + MOAFT + SATELLITE BEAVER and more @ Schizofrenia, Krakow

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Report: BELZEBONG + MOAFT + SATELLITE BEAVER and more @ Schizofrenia, Krakow

Krakow it’s probably the polish city with more metal concerts, and on the 17th November, Schizofrenia hosted one of them for us.

This is where the old Kazamaty venue was settled, now transformed into an underground multi room venue, with a particularly good taste in terms of decoration, and reasonable beer prices. Being a Saturday night, the venue was well composed to assist to this sludge/stoner doom night.

Youngsters Astroll opened the event with a still basic, but already well balanced stoner/sludge concert. They have the typical teen age Nirvana style, but a good taste in music creation as well and so this was a good way to start the night.

Then came Satellite Beaver to increase the level of the performances, presenting us with a strong and good paced sludge/doom metal concert, with good feeling on stage, and great reception from the audience.

Pokrak was the only band to present constant vocals, and a different line of sound: they play somewhat of alternative rock with modern metal influences. The stage performance seemed to please the audience as well.

The fourth band to go on stage was Moaft, also with a sludge/doom performance, but with an even higher level than their predecessors. These guys putted out some demolishing industrialistic riffs warming up definitely for what was coming next. In fact, in a five concert long night like these one, even if you only drink one beer for each concert, that means already 2,5 lts. And what about intervals?…

Ok, so, everybody seemed to be in the perfect mood for Belzebong’s headlining show. And, with or without alcohol, these polish doomsters showed a really impressive attitude, without vocals, but with a sludge/stoner dope music, where Kyuss and Electric Wizard influences are clear.

The consistent riffs and well balanced guitar/bass chorus made this the top end for a top night at Krakow’s downtown.

Belzebong – “Acid Funeral”

Moaft – “Vana Imago”



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