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Report: Birds In Row + Coilguns @ The Underworld

Luís Rodrigues 03/04/2018 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Birds In Row + Coilguns @ The Underworld
Report: Birds In Row + Coilguns @ The Underworld

French band Birds In Row have started touring recently after 6 months without playing live. Coilguns, from Switzerland, however were on the final stops of their European tour. So, for 5 dates both bands played together. One of those dates was the 28th of March at The Underworld, one of London’s most popular spots for concert goers in Camden Town.

Coilguns’ performance on stage can be described as beautifully chaotic. Their sound can in some ways be compared to Every Time I Die, but it’s heavier, louder, more raw and unfiltered, hitting a note closer to home. Your ears will take a beating and you will be wanting more. The singer Louis Jucker doesn’t just take the stage, he takes the whole venue as his playground, rolling around it like a madman and piercing his way through the crowd all the way to the end of the room. His interaction with the crowd is constant, bringing the audience closer and making them part of the show. It’s a perfect reflection of their music, with songs like “Millennials” and “Self Employment Scheme” being the highlights. It’s certainly amazing to see a band give it all in the way Coilguns did, and to see how humble they seem to be.

Shortly after, Birds In Row took the stage. Without introductory samples or songs that build up in intensity, the audience was hit by a wall of sound straight after the soundcheck was completed. In an interesting twist, the light spectacle that usually comes with live shows was toned down to the bare minimum, having only 2 spotlights in the back aimed at the center of the stage and placing the focus on the music itself. Moshpits started forming and getting more intense with each song. No time wasted with breaks for an encore, throughout the show the band delivered a non-stop high octane and strong performance, without ever showing signs that they hadn’t played in a while.


Special thanks to: Dewar PR

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Text and photos by: Luis Rodrigues

Managing Editor: Rita Limede



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