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Report: Hypocrisy + Hatesphere + Theriomorphic @ Hard Club

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Report: Hypocrisy + Hatesphere + Theriomorphic @ Hard Club

In a rainy night, one year after playing on the 15th anniversary edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest, the mighty Hypocrisy returned to Portugal once again. This time the venue was the Hard Club, Room #2. Along came Danish Grooving Thrash Metal Hatesphere and the Portuguese Death Metallers Theriomorphic were responsible for starting the hostilities on stage.
With only 30 minutes to play, Jó took no time chatting. Instead, the band started immediately to play “Death Almighty!” followed by “Silent Moon”, but unfortunately there weren’t many people there yet. The band took the opportunity to present a new song “Marching Towards The Sun” which showed that the band still has it’s touch and might be working in a new studio album. As the show went on, more and more people continued to arrive, but seemed to be saving their energy for the headliner because everyone was pretty still and not moving at all. A shame because the guys on stage were giving all they had. It was a good show, a good choice for opening band.

Theriomorphic-6 Theriomorphic-14 Theriomorphic-12
Theriomorphic Theriomorphic Theriomorphic

 HATESPHERE were up next, and as Esben stepped on the stage doing his funny faces, to the sound of a weird intro, people reacted more and became a bit more active. These Danish guys came to showcase their latest studio effort “Murderlust”. Opening up with “Lies And Deceit” and “500 Dead People”, there was an improvement in sound quality as well. Pretty good stage presence, the weird and out-of-context intros made these guys a good surprise for those who didn’t know them until then. Halfway through their set, the title song “Murderlust” was played. Perhaps more songs from the new album were expected but the band decided to play a more diverse set. The last song was “Sickness Within” from the album with the same name. They did a good job warming everyone up.

Hatesphere-20 Hatesphere-9 Hatesphere-4
Hatesphere Hatesphere Hatesphere

The headliners, HYPOCRISY, were highly expected once more. And as soon as the intro started, everyone expectedly started cheering. It was great to, once again, having the chance to see live such an influential band. Promoting their latest album “End Of Disclosure”, what better way to start a show than with the album’s first 2 songs? After that it was time for one of the classics “Fractured Millennium”, followed by oldschool “Left To Rot”. The biggest moshpits could be seen by now, in a quite filled but not sold-out venue. Jumping from one album to the other, with songs like “Fire In The Sky” or “Elastic Inverted Visions”, Mr Peter Tägtgren is a true frontman able to captivate anyone. The most violent moment of the whole show was probably during “Warpath” where all Hell broke loose once more. After a pause, old time classic “Roswell 47” (this time baptised as “Porto 47”) was the biggest unforgettable moment of the night. To conclude, it was time to close the chapter, with Horgh introducing “The Final Chapter”, such a powerful song, and the perfect ending of a fantastic performance.

After a 16-song set, there were people complaining that it felt like it was a short show, which explains how great these gentlemen performed.

Hypocrisy-4 Hypocrisy-6 Hypocrisy-15
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy



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