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Report: Satanic Warmaster + InThyFlesh + Dolentia + Nevoa @ Hard Club

Filipe Gomes 28/06/2015 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Satanic Warmaster + InThyFlesh + Dolentia + Nevoa @ Hard Club
Report: Satanic Warmaster + InThyFlesh + Dolentia + Nevoa @ Hard Club

In a hot summer night the darkness and grim have descended into Hard Club (Porto) for a ritualistic night of black metal. NEVOA, the Portuguese newcomers in the black metal scene, opened the night. They presented their debut record “Absence of Void”, released earlier this year, with a very atmospheric and intense ambiance. Although live the band is still a bit “fresh”, they show a lot of potential, remembering bands such as Wolves In The Throne Room or Krallice.

Dressed accordingly, DOLENTIA came upon stage for a musical black mass. With a new record released recently, “Iniciação Eversiva”, the group delivered a performance with a highly ritualistic and dark ambiance, that didn’t last as long as it should have. The show started with “Voragem” and proceeded with “O Reeguer De Medos Antigos”. The band seemed a bit uncomfortable but it got better as time went by. The last song was “Guardião Das Almas”.
INTHYFLESH was next, and continued the wave of grimness installed by the previous acts. The first song was “Beyong What Eyes Can See”. It was a very interesting performance, much better than anticipated, from one of the most established names of the Portuguese black metal scene. Their setlist focused mostly on their oldest works, their full length records, rather on their most recent releases (mostly EPs and Splits). Without much communication, the presentation went on and received a quite good response by the audience.

SATANIC WARMASTER was the most awaited moment of the night. The group’s return Portugal after four years was what one might expect from a band of their status. From the very beginning when they started to play “Black Destiny”, headbang was a presence in the audience, and there were even a few kids in the middle that opened a mosh pit, much to the dismay of most people in there. The setlist covered all of the group’s most iconic tracks like “Vampiric Tyrant”, “Funeral Wolves” or “Carelian Satanist Madness”. This last one was the highlight of the night, being the best song and being transformed into “Lusitanian Satanist Madness” in homage to the Portuguese audience.

Although the room wasn’t even close of full capacity, it was a great night of black metal, which definitely had some great moments and ambiance.

Special thanks to Notredame Productions.



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