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Report: TIDES FROM NEBULA + KATABATIC – Side B, Benavente

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Report: TIDES FROM NEBULA + KATABATIC – Side B, Benavente

Saturday night. Anathema plays in Lisbon, but we preferred drive to Benavente for our third experience with Tides From Nebula.
I knew this polish group almost by chance, in a middle of the week concert in Lisbon’s downtown, early 2010. That time the first impressions were great and the polish youngsters gathered our admiration due to the feeling they put out in their music.
Last Saturday, for the second time at Side B, the level of their performance kept really high, delighting the no more than 50 persons that joined us in that journey.

First of all a word about the support group, portuguese alternative doom act Katabatic. They are on tour presenting their debut EP “Heavy Water”, where a mixture of experimental post rock with alternative progressive sludge make the principal marks. The songs are mainly instrumental, with a voice appearance here and then, with some screams in the vein of Ufomammut, but less profound and psychedelic. They made a first good impression, especially from the fourth music onwards, with the two final Anova and Light Hexagons closing a 30 minutes growing performance with an increasingly intensity that led the path for what was coming next.

Set list: 1 – Intro 2 – Girlaxia 3 – Wonder Room 4 – Morsa 5 – Tall tale 6 – Anova 7 – Light Hexagons

The Polish rockers returned with their usual uncompromised attitude, showing a will to play that is really a mark, considering they’ve been touring for the past five years. The Fall of Leviathan opened the ceremonies, before Higgs Boson, Sleepmonster, and Shall We guided us in a trip of joy, a state of trance where you can think, for some moments, that everything you wish is possible. But Puur and Where There Were no Connections pulled us back down, flooding the venue with negative but yet beautiful surroundings.

Once again, Tides from Nebula had the good taste of choosing the most part of their set from unreached “Aura” album, of 2009, once its follower “Earthshine” (2011), hasn’t touched the same level of greatness. So, the gig continued with Tide’s heaviest song till date It Takes More Than One Kind of Telescope to See the Light, before the closing, made by the single Tragedy of Joseph Merrick, after the first exhibition of the new track Hollow Lights. A predictable encore was demanded by the audience and so These Days, Glory Days was the final song for the night, remembering us how large are the possibilities of growth for these polish instrumental guys.

Another experimental post rock/metal trip, with countless dimensions travelled beyond atmosphere, never forgetting the weight necessary to keep us moving here, on the right track.

An advisement to you, reader: Try not to miss their next show in our lands, because this is a trip from which you will not want to get out.

No media was recorded that night, but you can check out both bands below:



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