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Report: Venom Inc. + Vader + Divine Chaos + Witches + Filii Nigrantium Infernalium + Midnight Priest @ RCA Club

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Report: Venom Inc. + Vader + Divine Chaos + Witches + Filii Nigrantium Infernalium + Midnight Priest @ RCA Club

Legendary bands are not something you can find in every corner. They are special, they are ground breaking, charismatic, they achieve what others only dare to dream of. They are true leaders, not followers but still humble and true to themselves. We believe it’s fair to state that Venom fits into this definition and so do Vader and we were lucky enough to see them both in the same night, same stage.

But stage time for the veterans was still long due and Portuguese MIDNIGHT PRIEST did the honors. They’ve been on the road for a while now, promoting their 2014 full-length “Midnight Steel”, and the impact is there: their live shows keep getting better and better. Fast and short, their performance paved the way for a great night and “À boleia com o Diabo” was a perfect goodbye and hello to what was to follow.

Talking about being a veteran and legendary in it’s own peculiar and one-of-a-kind kind of way, FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM took the stage a few minutes after. With the mass being led by the mighty Belathauzer, the audience received their blessings through several unholy hymns, ending with “Necro Rock’n’Roll” and “Necropachacha”. Pazuzu’s name was honored with this short but necro performance – I just wanted to say “necro” one more time, it’s a great word and not used often enough!

WITCHES were now on stage bringing their thrash death on a first visit to Portugal. They have a long career and vocalist/guitarist Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine was already leading the band when most of us was learning how to speak properly (or not even born yet!). Respect! Their performance was a mix of songs from their last EP “The Hunt” and older tunes like “Thrashing Witches”, finishing up with “Jump with Fright”, always with a sweet taste of old school thrash death lingering in every song and in their in-your-face stage presence.

Concert by concert, we were approaching the time of the evening lords, but not before Britain’s DIVINE CHAOS lend the event the muscle of their thrash metal full of groove. Without much time for conversation, it was through their catchy riffs that the band got the audience to come closer to the stage, ending the concert with a hard headbanging in the front rows. Led by Benny’s aggressive attitude and vocals and with a tireless James Stewart on drums (who still had batteries to act brilliantly with Vader), these British guys presented their only studio album “A New Dawn in the Age of War” (2014). Everything was ready for the true War!

There aren’t many bands that can say after 25 years they still destroy stages and feed the souls of all the fans of extreme music. But VADER can say it with pride. Based on more than a dozen full-lenghts, the Polish masters led by eternal “Peter” Wiwczarek returned to Portugal a few months after the last visit, to show how Old School Death Metal is played, without age weighs! Basing the setlist on the first album, entitled “The Ultimate Incantation” (1982), this eastern machine has left a trail of nostalgia and sweat in RCA Club, endangering the physical ability of many fans to still stand and watch Venom hit the stage. But in Portugal we are tough, and after a show like this one, nothing better than another top class one!

Mantas, Abaddon and Demolition Man aka VENOM INC. These are the three men behind one of the most outstanding performances of the year. Despite the “Inc”, this was definitely a true show of the Heavy/Black/Speed ​​Metal’s kings, one of the bands that gave to extreme music the identity it has today and, according to many, invented a whole new genre! Before our eyes, my friends, there was history in motion. After the last 3/4 years we had the opportunity to receive in our country a Venom version with Cronos, now it was the turn of magician Mantas to take the stage accompanied by D-Man (voice and bass during Prime Evil era) and Abaddon (the original Venom drummer). So, what can we tell about there monsters’ performance? Absolutely devastating and masterful! When we heard the bass in the beginning of “Prime Evil”, tempers heated and the parade of classics and steel didn’t give us a break until the end. As if they were 20 years old still, these compelling figures of heavy metal, melted RCA Club with songs such as “Die Hard,” “1000 Days in Sodom,” “Live Like an Angel” and ended in apotheosis with “Black Metal”, “Countess Bathory” and “Witching Hour “, sung out loud by everyone in the room. Under an authentic chaos, applause and fists in the air, the band said their goodbyes, closing a night to remember. Long live the Kings, long life to iron and steel!



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