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Report: WHITE HILLS @ Reverence Warm Up Party

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Report: WHITE HILLS @ Reverence Warm Up Party

Since their first appearance in Portuguese soil back in 2009, North Americans White Hills have established themselves as one of the main ambassadors of the new wave of psychedelic rock. Or space rock as the most daring minds prefer to call it. Last Thursday at Music Box, Lisbon was the track for another lift off from the New York spaceship.

But before that flight, LOS SAGUAROS tried to entertain the (till that time not so populated) audience with half an hour of rockabilly surf rock. A duo that seemed to be playing without any pressure, knowing that that was not their night. They had a respectable performance, even if we prefer to classify the introduction to the “White Stripes” as a failed humour attempt.  For their sake.

When WHITE HILLS went on stage the Music Box room was already comfortably filled with dozens of anonymous pilots eager to take part in another pleasant journey. The overture with the new “No Will” was made upon a constant drum rhythm, forcing us to balance as if Bauhaus had come to that house. That would not be the only time where Mr. Dave Weinberg had left his guitar behind. But when he got back to it, the hallucinating melody generated transformed the previous warm up into a high rotation machine, carrying our body and soul to somewhere above. Clever enough, the trio didn’t relied exclusively on their new “Walks for Motorists”, as older anthems landed such as the fastest moment of the night, with “In Your Room”.

As small complicity signs were unveiled by Ego Sensation and Dave W., the cosmic journey of “Don’t Be Afraid” extended that bond to all the audience making us believe that the sonic bubble around us was impenetrable. It would be tough getting back to land after that enlightened moment. But White Hills did have the time for an encore, declaring War to massive capitalism, and threatening us to buy dirty rock. Like their one. Like Reverence rock.  “H-p1” was the chosen weapon, ending with the precise amount of groovy but yet hysteric astral riffs.

Almost 1:30 hour flight to the space and back, with turbulence, leaving us waiting for the next journey. Next August, in Valada, some other experiences will be waiting.



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