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CHARUN – Mundus Cereris

Kasper Pasinski 06/05/2018 Comments Off on CHARUN – Mundus Cereris

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Charun is an instrumental group from Sardinia, Italy. They deliver something that can be described as music on the verge of post rock and post metal. “Mundus Ceresis” is their second full time record, this time released under the wings of Third-I-Rex.

The record has a solid start with the track “Malacoda”. Sounds are built very slowly in layers, starting with ambient noise followed by simple bass riffs developing into a heavy 10 minutes long piece, which fluctuates between melodic and heavy sections. “Menvra” is a very interesting piece, with a nice music soundscape built on the slow drum line and few guitar riffs that takes us into a journey through the musical minds of the band members. This was definitely my favorite track on this record. The album closes with “Vanth”, which is a good summary of the whole record. Presenting faster and stronger elements mixed with ambient melodies hidden behind the heavy guitars. “Vanth” is also the fastest track on the album – but don’t get fooled – the song retains the melancholic tone witnessed throughout the album.

Generally the mood is maintained throughout all the six pieces on this record. Each track is built gradually, where the band adds layers of sound that fill the entire space with nice melodies topped with heavier sounds. “Mundus Cereris” is and interesting record and definitely has the potential to please fans of post rock as well as fans of heavier sounds.


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