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DEVANGELIC – Phlegethon

Luís Pinto 14/03/2018 Comments Off on DEVANGELIC – Phlegethon
DEVANGELIC – Phlegethon

Devangelic, the blasphemous brutal death metal act from Italy, have released their new full length album entitled “Phlegeton” on Comatose Music. This is the follow up work to their already critically acclaimed album “Resurrection Denied” from 2014. Christianity is once again desecrated on this album, but with a darker and more mature take this time.

Devangelic’s musical influence is very clear. Disgorge (USA) is their main inspiration. The music structure, the tempo, the speed, the flow of the riffs and even the production are very similar to it. However, that does not make the band worse or even unoriginal, as this is somewhat of a cult following style of brutal death metal that not many can master to begin with. “Phlegeton” gives us one of the darkest and heaviest albums ever to come out of this style of music in the past years, with many other small elements from classic death metal such as Vital Remains or Morbid Angel.

This demonic album is fast, vicious and dark and has an all-star lineup.  Furious blast beats with a very characteristic snare sound are made hear by Marco Coghe (Catastrophic Evolution and Interminable Corruptions). This characteristical sound breaks the monotony of the blasts with some groovy passages accompanied by the fantastic raw sounding riffing of Mario Di Giambattista, whom you also might know from Vulvectomy. Damiano Bracci is still in charge of the bass, since the very beginning of the band, doing once again a fantastic job. Paolo Chiti, former Putridity, Interminable Corruptions, Sewage, brings back the diabolical vocals that he is known for. A mix between old Cannibal Corpse vocals and a more modern approach of deep gurgle gutturals. As for the theme and lyrics, they speak of Phlegeton, a biblical river from hell.

“Phlegeton” is a fantastic masterpiece of brutality, but it has one issue. Each song plays for more than 4 minutes, what makes the album play for more than 41 minutes. Despite its quality, it might get the listener tired right in the middle of the album due to its lack of change of pace and repetitive music structure.

Ken Sarafin was the artist chosen to depict Phlegeton, doing a fantastic job by immersing the listener on a visual journey through this hellish river. Musically, thematically and even visually, Devengelic’s “Plhegeton” is already a classic with in the subgenre of brutal death metal. An album that will be heard and praised for years to come, solidifying the band’s reputation and name worldwide, proving that this specific style of brutality is not dead.


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