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KVELERTAK – Nattersferd

Daniel Lemminkainen 31/05/2016 No Comments on KVELERTAK – Nattersferd

After two brilliant albums that crossed all the frontiers of metal, hardcore, punk, and rock, the Norwegian band Kvelertak returns with “Nattersferd”.

Normally at the third record, the band starts to create their own entity, and the listeners recognize the sound of that band instantly when they hear it. Kvelertak didn’t had to wait for it, so for most of our surprise, we were expecting a bit better from one of the most original acts that appeared in the latest years. The production continues dirty, with fuzzed melodies in the heavy punk atmosphere, which wrestles with the hardcore riffs that seemed a bit drowned, as the band experiments to create longer songs. The mixing and engineering was made by Nick Terry (Lindstrøm, Turbonegro, The Libertines) at Oslo, Norway’s Amper Tone Studio. Tracks like “1985”, “Nattersferd”, “Svartmesse”, the melodic “Ondskapens Galakse”, “Berserkr”, and the mind blowing 9 minutes song “Heksebrann”, save a record that the listener might find lost at some point, but always return with a hook here and there, that will keep the record playing for some more days. The lyrics continue to be written in Norwegian. This album has groove, has good moments, but it’s something that won’t last for the ages, although we could recognize that a group like this is very hard to find in a world that has lost of bands that sound the same.

Definitely, not their case, and that’s why they’re so special despite the lack of inspiration this time.

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