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MIASTHENIA – Antípodas

Marcos Garcia 14/11/2017 Comments Off on MIASTHENIA – Antípodas

Brazil is a country with a native history. Before the colonization, the native people of Brazil, the Indians, had their own ways to live in equilibrium with Nature itself. And as we all know from schools, divinities are the elements of Nature. Helping to recover some of the national legends in the same way that Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal bands do on Europe, Miasthenia is doing the same thing in Brazil, during their 23 years of struggles on the underground scene. The latest album, “Antípodas”, is not only a great release, but a sign of resistance and courage.
Their musical work is not so simple to be defined. It’s a harsh and aggressive form of Black Metal tempered with beautiful melodies and a somber atmosphere. Vocals and keyboard orchestrations are done by Hécate, the main lyricist. Guitars are played by Thormianak who creates nasty eerie guitar riffs and plays the bass guitar parts on studio. Drums are conducted with a fine technical insight by the iron hands and feet of Nygrom. In “Antípodas” we can witness their mature and heavy musical style, featuring extremely good taste. The lyrics (sung in Brazilian Portuguese with some Indian names and words) speaks about the Pagan resistance to the colonization that threatened the natural culture of our native people… And to be honest, Brazilian government doesn’t care (a great part of them are fanatical Christians, but all drowned in corruption).
Let’s get back to the album, before I start to lose the matter.
“Antípodas” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Caio Cortonesi at BroadBand Studio, Brasília (the home city of the band). Caio created a raw and aggressive sonority for the album which perfectly fits to what they want as their musical work. Yet, don’t be fooled: everything can be understood without complains by all of you. The cover artwork is a creation of Márcio Menezes (Blasphemator Art), with layout and booklet created by Slanderer Crowley. It perfectly fits the lyrical and musical messages.
All the album’s songs are amazing and seduce the listener. The brutal insight and harsh melodies of “Novus Orbis Profanum” with its amazing guitars, the aggressive input used on the bass and drum work in “Conjupuyaras” (with the use of clean voices in some parts). The somber atmosphere of “Antípodas” with its nasty tempos and great vocal work, the beautiful melodic solos of “Ossário”, the terror atmosphere and sinister melodies of “1542”, and the brutal grasp of “Bestiários Humanos” can be named as the best moments of “Antípodas”.

This album is easy to understand and assimilate, so listen to “Antípodas” as much as you can, because the band is living a very good creative moment, indeed.


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Review by Marcos Garcia
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