Tuesday 16th August 2022,
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OVERDRIVES – Rockin’ Hell

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This album was released in 2016 but was re-edited in 2018, and it was this reissue that came to our editorial office.

Overdrives is a French band that mixes hard rock and rock n’roll from the 80’s and early 90’s, and it’s noted that it’s very much influenced by Australian rock, namely from bands like AC/DC, Airbourne or Rose Tattoo.
Yes, they didn’t invent anything, but the guitar riffs are great, the solos too, and the choruses are completely catchy. This is a band that will work very well in a live situation and will provide many moments of joy to whoever is watching them. Since the first song, “Rockin Hell”, to the last, “Limbs of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, the motto is given: rock and roll with absolutely no compromises, full of energy, featuring some fast songs, others mid-tempo, but all these ten songs make us shake our heads and wish we had a beer in our hands to celebrate the fact that we are alive.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to be extremely original, because all you need is to know how to do the job well. And these French dudes know it. Very well. And if any motorcycle rally organizers are reading this, don’t forget to hire them.


Review by João Osório
Managing Editor: Filipe Gomes



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