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UBIQUITY – Forever/Denied

Kasper Pasinski 11/05/2018 Comments Off on UBIQUITY – Forever/Denied

Ubiquity is an Italian metal band whose music mixes characteristics of black metal and hardcore. Their new release, and the second album, was released under Third I Rex label in the end of 2017. “Forever​/​Denied” is a five-piece record. Ubiquity, in a short interview for Decibel Magazine, describes it as “…the last piece before the void generated by losing ourselves through life sickness. The key is the hope, that ray of light which is both illusion and strength, showing us the chance to get back our forgotten feelings”.

The first song on the record, the title-track ‘Forever, Denied’ starts with the sounds of monks incantation in prayer, to be shortly followed with quick blast of exploding growl combined with the doom-ish sounds of guitars, accompanied with fast pace percussion. Then there is something that I personally really like – a change of atmosphere during the track – from a faster pace to a much more climatic second part of the song. This moody vibe is transferred to the second track “Hopes”. In here, we can listen to the first hardcore style bits, which are served after few good minutes of the solid guitar work.

“Forever/Denied” ends with the longest track of the record – ‘Form’ – which lasts for over eight minutes. It is maintained within the stylistics of the whole record. Strong, screamed out vocals are accompanied by the combination of harsh and more melancholic sounds of guitars, with percussion setting up the pace in the back. It is most complex and the strongest part of the album. This song sums up the good work done by the band on this record.

In short, “Forever​/​Denied” is a solid piece of blackened hardcore. Ubiquity is presenting us with a variety of interesting sounds, juggling with the atmosphere of the records still well maintaining the style. The album is a good mixture of raw energy and melancholy, which is an expected characteristic for this genre. I really enjoyed listening to “Forever​/​Denied” and I can strongly recommend this record.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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