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Report: Sardinha de Ferro Metal Fest II

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Report: Sardinha de Ferro Metal Fest II

Side B Lounge Live Club hosted the second edition of the peculiar Sardinha de Ferro Metal Fest, this year with ten bands from new alternative local acts to well known satanic thrashers Omission or Portuguese black metalers Corpus Christii.

The name of the fest is linked to the popular festivities that take place in the city of Benavente on that week and that offer free sardines, bread and regional red wine to the population. So all conditions were gathered to present a enthusiastic afternoon / night, although the crowd was smaller this year.

Returning from Hellfest that week (see side notice) the will to see all the concerts was not at 100%, so we missed the first bands: portuguese death metalers Brutal Brain Damage, speed metalers Inquisitor and thrashers Revtend.

Then came the bizarre porno black metalers Vizir, with their peculiar stage presentation. Playing the well known hits “Esporrei-me na pia baptismal”, “Punhetas na Catequese”, “Paneleiragem no Reino de Deus”, “Grávida dum Paneleiro” or the super “Atropelei um Peregrino” (check out for some translation to find out their meaning) they kept the audience laughing for around 30 minutes in a always welcomed porno humoured show.


Vizir Vizir


Veteran thrashers Angriff, the new Portuguese heavy metal stars Midnight Priest and brutal death metal masters Bleeding Display played next, although the good ambience outside kept us away from the gigs.

So we returned to another presentation of Flagellum Dei‘s new album “Order of the Obscure”. Established as one of the best Portuguese black metal acts, the now Marinha Grande’s seeded band played six themes of anti-christian blasphemy that continued to show the evolution of their new line-up.



1-Beholding the Moon With Demon´s Eyes


3-The Old Gates of Night

4-Order of the Obscure

5-Inferno em Mim

6-Black Metal Blood


After the spanish satanic thrashers Omission invasion of the stage with their speed satanic thrash metal, Portuguese black metal masters Corpus Christii had the mission to end up the concerts. As always, Nocturnus Horrendus’ group showed another strong performance, using their growing and growing stage experience to create a dark Luciferian atmosphere that gathered all the evil forces around the Benavente’s venue. It was not the night to see a memorable gig from C.C., but it was well worth the time.



Setlist:1- The Gate2- The Owl Resurrection3- Crystal Glaze Foundation

4- The Styx Reflection

5- Deliverer of Light

6- The Infidels Cross

7- Stabbed

8- Untouchable Euphoria

9- The Fire God

Corpus Christii


And that was it. Benavente’s grilled sardines were still waiting for us outside, so we move forward towards the town’s center, painted in black for that last hours, once the majority of Sardinha de Ferro’s audience moved along too.

Hoping for the third edition!




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