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The 3rd Attempt new track and upcoming album details

Elsa Marques 02/11/2017 News Comments Off on The 3rd Attempt new track and upcoming album details
The 3rd Attempt new track and upcoming album details

“Egocidal Path” is the title of the upcoming The 3rd Attempt album. They shared today the lyric video for the first single “I’ll do it now”. Album is set for release on December 1st via Dark Essence Records.

The 3rd Attempt was formed in 2014 by Tchort (Green Carnation, ex-Carpathian Forest, ex-Emperor, ex-Blood Red Throne) and BloodPervertor (Apostasy, ex-Carpathian Forest, ex-Neongod). Feeling they had become stale in their roles on the iconic band Carpathian Forest, decided to quit and form a project that would once again ignite their enthusiasm and creativity. Vocalist Ødemark (ex-Midnattsvrede, ex-Necrocave) joined the lineup following online auditions that saw him beat a plethora of both experienced and new vocalists from all over the world.  Drummer Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) whose performance as a live session drummer for The 3rd Attempt impressed everyone, was quickly added to the lineup on a permanent basis.

Norwegian Black Metallers The 3rd Attempt debut album “Born in Thorns” hit the streets already back in Autumn of 2015 via Dark Essence Records. The band and label now announced the entrance on the Strand Studio in Oslo on May 26 to start recording the anticipated follow up album that is now set for release on December 1st.

Read below what Tchort commented on upcoming “Egocidal Path”:

“With “Egocidal Path” we take a huge leap towards the true sound and identity of THE 3RD ATTEMPT. While our debut album “Born in Thorns” represented the CARPATHIAN FOREST era of our song writing, “Egocidal Path” is a newly written album that is more aggressive, tighter and in-your-face.  It also showcases the fantastic drumming skills of Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE) and the vocal range and creativity of Ødemark, allowing the listener to slip into his personal universe of wrath, ego, human spite and the glory of self-destruction.


The 3rd Attempt

“Egocidal Path”
(Dark Essence Records)

1. Blood, Dope and Black N Roll
2. Into the Light
3. Reflections about Knives
4. Egocide
5. I’ll do it now
6. The Diciples
7. Black Metal Alchemist
8. The Oath



Artwork by the Brazilian artist Rafael Tavares. “Egocidal Path” is now available to pre order in CD, Digital and LP formats.

All formats:
CD and Vinyl:
US Webshop:

Listen below to the first released single “I’ll do it now”:

Refresh your memory on what they previously commented on “Egocidal Path”

Ten songs for the new album have been completed, and the drum tracks have already been recorded by Tybalt, who comments the following about the new material:

“There’s a lot more going on than on the last album, and it’s much faster.  We are definitely beginning to forge something that is truly our own.  It’s dark, it’s filthy and it’s mofo rock n roll”.

Ødemark, who writes the lyrics for the band, gave an insight into the subject matter:

“The new album is about self destruction from an introspective point of view (inside-out), and is not so much about suicide as it is about the need to seek pain, both mental and emotional, in order to develop as a person. Song by song, a new destructive facet of life is seen, systematically deconstructing each aspect of the human ego. It’s about evolving through real suffering, and accepting the fact that you are insignificant. Basically it illustrates how little I care about you. So, in a nutshell, it’s just about the truth”

The 3rd Attempt are:

Tybalt Drums (2014-present)
Tchort Guitars, Bass (2014-present)
Ødemark Vocals (2014-present)
Blood Pervertor Guitars (2014-present)

Full debut album “Born in Thorns” can be heard on their Bandcamp !!

Follow The 3rd Attempt:

Facebook  / WebsiteBandcamp / SoundCloudSpotify


Text by Elsa Marques
Managing Editor: Elsa Marques



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