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TOOL updates about new album

Filipe Gomes 22/03/2012 News Comments Off on TOOL updates about new album
TOOL updates about new album

On January 28, in an interview with Vic Firth during Tool’s concert at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, drummer Danny Carey revealed that he hopes the band will start recording their new album this June or July.

Carey stated that the new Tool album is “coming together soon” and that he’s “hoping we’ll get into the studio by June or July and start tracking. That’s the plan anyway.”

Carey also talked about the band’s writing process. It’s a total group effort.

“We just all get in there and grind it out. Sometimes, if I come up with a beat, the guys will write a riff to that. Like, Justin [Chancellor, bass player] has really been prolific on this record. He’s been coming in with tons of riffs. I usually try to find something to compliment it rather than play what he’s playing, that’s for sure, because we’re allowed to do that in our band, since there are only three pieces, really. So, it gives you a lot more space.

“I try to find angular things to go against it or push things and of course do what the drummer needs to do, lead things into the next part and be the dynamic leader… it’s kind of confusing sometimes, especially with some of the riffs those guys come up with… “

Carey also remembered about how he first joined up with Tool:

“Maynard [James Keenan, singer] just moved in next door to me! I kind of had a little warehouse thing where we could rehearse, and he wanted to try to put something together, and he kept coming over with Adam and then their drummer was always flaking out on them, and I finally felt sorry for them and went ahead and played with them one day and was like … this is really good, man! I stuck with it… “



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