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White Skull announce new album “Will Of The Strong”

Elsa Marques 22/05/2017 News Comments Off on White Skull announce new album “Will Of The Strong”
White Skull announce new album “Will Of The Strong”

White Skull will celebrate 30 years of activity next year .

The Italian power metal band White Skull will soon turn 30. To celebrate this landmark in the band’s existence, White Skull announced a new album, its tenth original album. It will be released on June 9th through Dragonheart Records.

Five years after the last album “Under This Flag”, and after the return of the charismatic Federica De Boni in 2010 – the band’s initial singer who also entered on this last album -, “Will of the Strong” promises us a “solid sound, fast-paced songs with aggressive rhythms accompanied by songs with great melodies and atmosphere, epic choruses and powerful riffs”.

Produced by the band guitarist Tony Fontò and engineered by Luigi Stefanini, this combination has resulted in “a modern and well balanced” album with strong and catchy songs.

white skull

White Skull
“The Will Of The Strong”
(Dragonheart Records – 2017)

1. Endless Rage 02:03
2. Holy Warrior 04:10
3. Grace O’ Malley 05:33
4. Will of the Strong 05:37
5. Lady of Hope 06:13
6. I Am Your Queen 04:12
7. Hope Has Wings 05:39
8. Metal Indian 05:32
9. Shieldmaiden 03:49
10. Sacrifice 06:09
11. Lay Over 04:12
12. Warrior Spirit 05:30

About White Skull

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White Skull



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