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Ajattara premieres “Ave Satana” video

Elsa Marques 19/03/2017 News Comments Off on Ajattara premieres “Ave Satana” video
Ajattara premieres “Ave Satana” video

Last week the Finish black metal band Ajattara premiered “Ave Satana” video

“Ave Satana” song is part of their upcoming album “Lupaus”, to be released under Svart Records label in May 12, 2017.

Ajattara is a pure black metal band with an extremely long career and recognised impact in their national black metal scene. They were formed already back in 1998 when they released they first demo “Helvetissä on syntisen taivas”. They showed themselves very active by releasing within short periods of time the following full length album: “Itse” (2001), Kuolema (2003), “Tyhjyys” (2004), “Äpäre” (2006), “Kalmanto” (2007), “Noitumaa”(2009). It was in mid April 2012 that Ajatarra announced the decision to split up and end their career, but for the joy of their legion of fans they decided to return to active status in 2016. Their return to the stages was highly praised with many close to sold out shows.

Recording of the upcoming album “Lupaus” was made in the studio “Casa de la Musica” in Andalusia (Spain).  They claim that the arid landscape spawned Ajattara’s most raw and brutally personal work to date, an ode to the deepest feelings of human suffering and loss. With a settled album release date and “Lupaus” details unveiled they now premiere the first song and video “Ave Satana”.

Check Ajattara’s words about their upcoming album:

“The fire of artistic creation never goes out, and the years of having to withstand major changes in life only fanned those flames”
“So, I had no shortage of things to say. Lupaus is six rough years condensed in nine tracks and 50 minutes, played with satanic fervor and taken to extremes.”

(Release on May 12 by Svart Records)

1. Saatanan sinetti                  03:08
2. Ristinkirot 03:03
3. Suru 04:26
4. S.I.N.Ä. 04:41
5. Amen 03:43
6. Ave Satana 04:03
7. Uhrilahja 03:44
8. Lupaus 04:40
9. Machete 03:34

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Ajattara current lineup:

Ruoja (Pasi Antero Koskinen) – Vocals
Kalmos (Vesa Wahlroos) – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tartunta (Mynni Luukkainen) – Guitars
Tohtori Kuolio (Juha Harju) – Bass, Backing Vocals
Raajat (Janne Immonen– Keyboards,  Backing Vocals
Malakias 6,8 (Rainer Tuomikanto– Drums




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