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Glasya release new video “Heaven’s Demise”

Filipe Gomes 11/01/2018 News Comments Off on Glasya release new video “Heaven’s Demise”
Glasya release new video “Heaven’s Demise”

Glasya have released their debut video entitled “Heaven’s Demise”. You can watch it below.

Glasya is a Portuguese symphonic metal band consisting of several members of the portuguese metal scene: Eduarda Soeiro (also on Nightdream), Davon Van Dave (former Urban Tales, former Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates (former Enchantya), Manuel Pinto (former Enchantya), Bruno Ramos (former My Deception) and Hugo Esteves as founder.

The band was founded in the summer of 2016 and gathers experienced musicians from the Portuguese metal scene. Eduarda Soeiro on vocals, Davon Van Dave is responsible for Keyboards & Orchestrations while Hugo Esteves handles rhythm guitar. Bruno Prates is the guitar soloist, Manuel Pinto plays bass and finally, Bruno Ramos is the percussion backbone of the group. The band’s upcoming EP is entitled “Heaven’s Demise”, just like the first single that has been released.

In this debut record, the band explores strongly orchestrated arrangements, approaching diverse ethnical influences, and melodic compositions.

Regarding live shows, dates will be announced soon.

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