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Preview: Rotting Christ + Carach Angren + Svart Crown @ Portugal

Rita Limede 23/01/2018 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Rotting Christ + Carach Angren + Svart Crown @ Portugal
Preview: Rotting Christ + Carach Angren + Svart Crown @ Portugal

This February will be extreme, dark and uncanny. Brought by the Promoter Ritos Nocturnos (or Nocturnal Rites, the perfect promoter to gift us with this tour), the black metal monsters Carach Angren (Netherlands) and Rotting Christ (Greece) will haunt the stages of Porto (Hard Club, February 9th) and Lisbon (RCA Club, February 10th). Albeit both of the bands belong to the black metal scene, each one of them have a very particular style and both master their own game. In these unholy “Rituals Amongst the Rotten”, the two co headliners will be accompanied by Svart Crown (Death/Black, France), undoubtly a perfect choice to open these ritualistic and nightmarish nights.

The name of the tour resulted of a very well thought conjugation of the titles of Rotting Christ and Carach Angren last works (respectively: “Rituals” and “Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten”). Regarding that, we can expect set lists mainly based on those works. The same can be expected of Svart Crown, with a 2017 released act, “Abreaction”.

 Info regarding both shows:

Tickets for both dates are available beforehand for the price of 22€ in all the usual places (Fnac, Ticketline and Worten). These can also be bought at Piranha Music Store (Porto) and at Glamorama RockShop (Lisbon). There will be also some tickets available at the box on the day of the shows for the price of 25€.

Both shows will start punctually at 21h00, so don’t be late! You can find all the details you need at the official pages for the events on facebook – Porto and Lisbon – and at the promoter’s official page.

Rotting Christ:

Formed in 1987 by the Tolis Brothers (Sakis Tolis and Themis Tolis), Rotting Christ are the elders of this show. With 30 years and counting, the group was one of the first black metal bands of their region and were also pioneers within the European Underground Scene. Besides that, with their experimentations and dark atmosphere, they built a very characteristic and profane black metal that would be a major influence to far more projects and even in Greece, all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Carach Angren:

When we talk about Carach Angren, it’s easy to label the group as a black metal act. Even so, Seregor and the rest of the band insist that they don’t want that. Rather, they prefer to consider their work as something more like Horror Metal. And if you’re acquainted with the music they create, that will make a lot of sense. With a musical narrative based on tales and stories that come from far beyond the grave, Carach Angren are more than musicians, they become storytellers.

Svart Crown:

Active since 2004 with 4 full-length releases, Svart Crown offers us an extreme and massive Death/Black metal with a perfect balance between intensity and atmosphere. That characteristic is mainly notorious in their 2017 album, “Abreaction”, where we can find a very disturbing and somehow ritualistic vibe. In the past few years France has been giving us very complete and interesting acts, and Svart Crown are no exception to this “rule”.

Text by: Carolina Ventura

Managing editor: Rita Limede



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