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Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis

Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis

lux albumSix years have passed since LUX FERRE’s second full length “Atrae Materiae Monumentum”. It’s true that they never were a hyperactive band, but now we can state firmly that “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis” arrives in the exact time, appearing before us as an imposing effort.

This new effort follows the path that they’ve open in 2009 thus marking a second Era of the band, different in many ways from their first raw years. But some aspects are untouchable. The strong feeling, the bittered voice and the always present drums have been here since “Anti Christian War Propaganda”. But now they sound more complete, darker and maybe even more frightening. It’s not just a question of speed. No. This time it’s all about Luciferian Catharsis.

Since the first “A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade” we are compelled into a world of fear, like transporting ourselves to a dark horror movie in which some of the tracks of this album seem to belong. The sharp guitars lead our conscience always towards a bigger hole, from where we should never go out. Maybe that feeling of being where we always should have been marks the appearance of the softer parts, namely in “A Lenta Adaga da Morte”, where the compassed drums appear always in the precise time frame. In fact Njord does not try to break the barriers of drums art. But it seems impossible to spot a failure in this record.

Even if “Caos no Meu Sangue” feels too catchy, the band was able to correct that slight imprecision towards the second part of the album, where “Miséria” takes the lead role, flooding our egos with negativity and anger. As expected, Lux Ferre renounced to all English lyrics and, boldly, they now present none but Portuguese spoken songs. Somehow everything sounds more natural, with a constant appeal to misery and discomfort.
If the fast paced extracts suit perfectly in our mind, mainly in the superb frightening guitar work of “A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade”, the vocals could dare to add some more variety here and then.

The final “Sob o Véu da Ignorância” appears as if it was the sum of all major principles of the previous seven songs, retrieving the fear and anxiety that consumed us during these 57 minutes of pure evil and dark invocation.

“Anti Christian War Propaganda” will remain was a mark in all bestial BM albums. But this “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis” rises as Lux Ferre’s more complete work till date, with unorthodox but yet appealing artwork.





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