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Hail Of Bullets announce their split-up

Filipe Gomes 20/03/2017 News Comments Off on Hail Of Bullets announce their split-up
Hail Of Bullets announce their split-up

Old-school death metal veterans Hail Of Bullets have announced that the band is over.

Hail Of Bullets announced on Facebook:

“With sadness in our hearts, we hereby inform you that we have decided to pull the plug on HAIL OF BULLETS. The patient had been suffering from illness for a few years already. We thought we had cut out the disease a few years ago, but apparently the tumor was more widespread than we had expected. There are no immediate plans to resurrect the corpse…”

“Personal messages/questions about this situation will not be answered. This is it, and both you and us will have to deal with that…”

Back in 2016, former singer  Martin van Drunen shed some light about his departure from the band:

“The thing is just that there was some tension about certain things that I disliked. And, well, they… it seemed that they didn’t care what I had on my mind, and so one night, I had a few beers and I just sent a mail that was not very nice with the words that I was using. It was really insulting. And it was not the first time that it happened, but it was just because I was completely frustrated about certain bandmembers who were not listening to what I had to say. And they’d been doing that for years, so I was, like, ‘Okay, now I’m just fed up with it,’ and, yeah, an angry mail came from my side, which they didn’t like.

And then, of course, because Paul [Baayens, guitar] is with me in ASPHYX, he contacted me and said, ‘Hey, Martin, it’s really serious. Are you sure you’re gonna do something about it so that the band can stay together?’ And I said, ‘No. I’m not going to. What do you want me to do? You want me to say I’m sorry? I said, no, I’m not going to. Okay. So if it’s going to be this way, it’s going to be this way, but I’m not gonna give in.’ So, yeah, in the end, they said, ‘Okay, we’ll continue and we decided not to continue with you anymore.’ And I go, ‘Okay. So be it.'”

He added: “Normally, that’s absolutely against my nature. If I feel that I’m regarded [in a] disrespectful [way], which it was that way too, then I fight the decision. But this time, I was, like, ‘Okay, it’s all right.’ I couldn’t be bothered anymore. So that means also, unconsciously, I was absolutely not happy anymore in the band, for myself. But I think they absolutely didn’t see it coming, so for them it was a surprise too that I just said, ‘Okay. Then leave it be. I’m busy with ASPHYX anyway.’ And during the years, I also realized that I felt really a lot better in ASPHYX; it was way more a band, really, than HAIL OF BULLETS was.”

Martin’s replacement in Hail Of Bullets was David Ingram, who was previously in Bolt Thrower and Benediction.

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