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Report: SPECTRAL HAZE + A TREE OF SIGNS +… @ Sabotage Club

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Report: SPECTRAL HAZE + A TREE OF SIGNS +… @ Sabotage Club

It’s always good news when central Lisbon offers you an underground concert evening, and we sure are glad to have whiteness the surprising last Thursday at Sabotage Club, in Cais do Sodré.

Confirmed at the last hour, nationals BICHO DO MATO  were not a bad start, even if in a significantly different sound orientation. Portuguese blues rock and folk traditions were mixed by this quartet, using some traditional Portuguese instruments to balance their modern intervention lyrics. They didn’t accuse the pressure and delivered a well entertaining show, while the venue was getting a full house mark.

And already acclaimed A TREE OF SIGNS was definitely one of the reasons why, somewhat surprisingly, so much rockers came to join us. Now counting with J. G. on the keyboards, this collective has shown some impressive improvements since the last time we saw them. Always commanded by the pulse of the drums work, the band presented the audience with a well executed stoner / doom concert, where Diana Silveira left her mark has the definitely front lady that the band was waiting for. The power of her voice and presence infected the rest of the band, whose performance seemed to be of full joy and commitment, to create the major highlight of the night.

As headliners, Norwegian young act SPECTRAL HAZE had a tough task to endure after the prior performance. But, before a less crowded room, their acid space rock grabbed everyone’s attention since the first riff. Hallucinating guitar melodies commanded the cosmic journey in which all the audience travelled during that hour. From pure stoner guitar riffs, to slow and dragged doom moments, always passing by some hallucinogenic interludes, these young guys couldn’t have a better way to start their first ever Iberian tour.

Photos courtesy of Rui Navalho.




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