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DAUTHUZ – Destined For Death

João Osório 28/03/2019 Comments Off on DAUTHUZ – Destined For Death

Dauthuz is a Dutch death metal band born in 2015. Despite being a new band, both founders played in death metal bands back in the 90s. Dennis Jak played in Nembrionic and Consolation, while Hans Bijland played in Deity’s Flesh. In 2016 Dauthuz released an EP with four songs and in 2017 the debut album “Destined for Death” came to life.

In this debut 10 songs of old school death metal are delivered. The first, and also title track for the album, begins with a cavalcade of drumming supporting a massive base of slow yet heavy riffing. Definitely a good choice to start the album. The following tracks are more examples of heaviness performed by the drummer, while the music maintains a heavy, very bassy sound. The rough vocals give the sensation of rottenness and decay like something coming from the bottom of a pit. Besides the title track, two other songs are definitely highlights: “Dying Breed”, featuring guest vocalist Marloes Voskuil from death / thrash band Izegrim; and “Warmaster”, the last and the longest track of the album. The beginning catches you by surprise as one could expect a voice like James Hetfield’s the moment you listen to the first riff. It’s so groovy and introduces the last song very well! The palm mute picking sure adds another level of heaviness to this track. Suddenly you are massacred by a fast-paced tremolo picking old school section that will make you want to break stuff. The guitar solo in this piece is small yet effective, only to be completed by an extremely catchy guitar lead. What a great way to end an album!

Musically, this album does not bring anything new to the genre, but there are genres that should be preserved just the way they are. I recommend to any fan of Old School Death Metal who likes their music distorted, simple yet effective, and coming from the depths. Let’s see what will come out on the next album.


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