Saturday 27th November 2021,
The Black Planet


“Old Salt” is Valient Thorr’s seventh album and, at first glance (or listen), not much has changed – the same raw rock’n’roll, the same let’s-party-no-matter-what attitude… But paying just a little bit of attention, one will notice a slight step-up in their game.

Sure, the opening track is based on a DC Comics super-steroid and “Cut And Run” sounds more like an improvised fun jam than an actual studio recording, but the band is taking the songwriting a tad more serious. Like the somewhat progressive vibe of “The Trudge”, for instance. Or the upbeat experimental “Spellbroke” and the bluesy sophistication of “No Count Blues”. Not to mention that timeless acoustic interlude of “Linen Maker”.

It’s not like they have to prove anything to anyone – and you’ll feel how natural these changes came about – but eventually one has to embellish things in order to keep sounding fresh. Ironically enough, that forward move was taken with an album featuring “old” in its title. But then again, it’s Valient Thorr – it really shouldn’t be a surprise.




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