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Report: Iron Maiden + The Raven Age @ Meo Arena

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Report: Iron Maiden + The Raven Age @ Meo Arena

Opening a great night of heavy metal, in the hot and sunny Portugal, The Raven Age, band of George Harris (Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris’ son), made the first impact. Bringing with them the self-titled EP “The Raven Age”, playing it in its entirely, but bringing also new songs like “Promised Land”, “The Merciful One”, and “Salem’s Fate”. The crowd seemed to appreciate the performance, judging by the clapping and cheering. The frontman Michael also left nice words to the Portuguese fans, in a performance where the band gave all they had to be noticed. Sure they got noticed, as the audience wave them goodbye before the big act.

Iron Maiden are back!

Finally the long awaited moment by the audience, the most notorious heavy metal band in the world: Iron Maiden! They hit the stage starting with a video of Eddie launching the Ed Force One into the direction of the venue, and two new songs from their last double album “The Book of Souls”, “If Eternity Should Fail” and “Speed of Light”. This previewed what would be another stunning performance of a band who is very experienced on stage. They brought a lot of new scenarios that changed song by song.

There was also time to revisit old classics that delighted the crowd like “Children of the Damned”, “The Trooper”, “Powerslave”, and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. With Bruce Dickinson in a very good mood, talking with the audience when he had the chance in between songs. He also presented new songs like the tribute to Robbie Williams “Tears of a Clown”, “The Red and the Black”, “Death and Glory”, or the song that gave name to the new album about the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization “The Book of Souls”. The moment when Eddie came on stage to play with Jannick make the audience cheer a lot, and getting his heart ripped out by Bruce, who along with the boys gave an absolute breathtaking show.

Always cheering, the crowd appreciated the show of a band much loved by the Portuguese fans. Hymns like “Fear of the Dark” and “Iron Maiden” were songs that closed the major part of the concert, with Eddie looking down at the crowd as they wave the performance of the band. For the encore, the band saved the classic of classics “The Number of the Beast”, that left no one indifferent, as the band moved on to a dedication to all fans that came from all around the world, and to all people who want peace and have a good time. A song much appreciated and totally perfect for the times we are living is “Blood Brothers”. The set ended in a party called “Wasted Years”.

It was a triumphant return to Portugal. Iron Maiden is a band that needs no introduction, with the band members giving everything that they had, Steve Harris wearing the Portuguese National Football Team shirt during the encore. Of course, it delighted the fans! This was a show that will certainly stay in the memory of the everyone for a long time to come.

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