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VESANIA debut songs from new album

Filipe Gomes 22/10/2014 News Comments Off on VESANIA debut songs from new album
VESANIA debut songs from new album

Poland’s Vesania have released a new song from their forthcoming album, “Deus Ex Machina”. The track, “Dismay”, can be listened to below. “Innocence”, a second track can also be found below in this article.

Orion comments on “Dismay“:

“I often hear the opinion, and I agree with it – this album has no “single,” each track is different, has its own atmosphere and is equally important for the overall impression. “Dismay” is the song we started the recordings with, and this is the one that best defines the ‘rock’ sound of “Deus Ex Machina.” “Dismay” is relatively slower, sounds progressive, rather than black metal, and it adds a breath of air between the more intense songs. This is also the particular track, where the “god from the machine” from the album title is mentioned and comes down to earth.“

source: Metal Blade



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